High-dimensional Statistical Modeling Team Seminars (Online)

JST: Japan Standard time.

Anyone can attend the online seminars (and it is free!). So, please register to join the seminar below.

Upcoming seminars

January, 25th, 2022. 6pm (JST)
Speaker: Antonin Schrab (UCL)
Title: MMD Aggregated Two-Sample Test
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Past seminars

January, 11th, 2022. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Gang Niu (RIKEN AIP)
Title: Label-noise Learning Beyond Class-conditional Noise

November, 30th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Hiroshi Kajino (IBM Research Tokyo)
Title: A differentiable point process with its application to spiking neural networks (ICML-21)

December, 2nd, 2021. 12am (JST)
Speaker: Soheil Kolouri (Vanderbuilt University)
Title: Wasserstein Embeddings in the Deep Learning Era

November, 16th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Vu Nguyen (Amazon)
Title: Bayesian Optimization with Categorical and Continuous Variables

October, 26th, 2021. 5pm (JST)
Speaker: Matt Kusner (UCL)
Title: Learning Binary Decision Trees by Argmin Differentiation

October, 19th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Boris Muzellec (INRIA)
Title: Breaking the curse of dimensionality in smooth optimal transport

September, 21st, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Ziyin Liu (University of Tokyo)
Title: Stochastic Gradient Descent with Multiplicative Noise

September, 14th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Mathis Petrovich (École des Ponts ParisTech)
Title: Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Synthesis with Transformer VAE

September, 7th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Yoshikazu Terada (Osaka University)
Title: Fast Approximation for a general clustering algorithm

September, 2nd, 2021. 10am (JST)
Speaker: Weihua Hu (Stanford University)
Title: Open Graph Benchmark Large-Scale Challenge

August, 31st, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Tobias Freidling (University of Cambridge)
Title: Post-selection Inference with HSIC-Lasso

June, 9th, 2021. 10am (JST)
Speaker: Rose Yu (UCSD)
Title: Physics-Guided AI for Learning Spatiotemporal Dynamics

May, 11th, 2021. 4pm (JST)
Speaker: Sébastien Fries (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Title: Path prediction of aggregated α-stable moving averages using semi-norm representations

January, 20th, 2021. 3pm (JST)
Speaker: Makoto Yamada, Benjamin Poignard, Tam Le, Hector Climente, Dinesh Singh
Title: [9th AIP Open Seminar] Talks by High-dimensional Statistical Modeling Team